Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Basics of a jailbreak and what you should know

Welcome to my blog on jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is when the iPod gets into your system and removes a password that stops the ability to modify it. So then you can modify your iPod system. After it then adds on an app that will let you download Cydia or Rock. You can choose which one you want. Jailbreaking is not illegal but it voids your warranty with apple. So you shouldn’t do it until your warranty is over. There is one part of Cydia that is illegal and that is the Installous app. The Installous app lets you download cracked apps so you might want to stay away from it.
All iPod apps are formatted the same way. An app called Crackulous can crack your apps, which again is illegal. As all apps are formatted the same way Crackulous can modify the files it needs to so that it doesn’t need to be bought. What happens when you crack an app is the iPod modifies a file or two in the app that say that it’s not owned by anyone so its freeware and anyone can use it. Cracked apps only work on jailbroken iPods but please do not install it as it is illegal.
The main part of Cydia is adding repositories so that your iPod can get more jailbreak add-ons. Repositories come from sites you add and they let you use the programs on their site. Some have cracked Cydia apps and those are illegal so don’t use them. Many of them have different themes so you can change how your iPod looks. Some tweaks even let you change it to scroll up and down instead of side-to-side.
All the themes you get are run through winterboard. Winterboard lets you modify your springboard(homescreen) and change it so it looks how you want. You could get five rows on your dock and an iron man theme and you could disable all the other downloads from Cydia. If you don’t like Cydia I would recommend changing to icy, a much better and faster setup. Winterboard is a pretty good app but I prefer to change themes through Cydia or icy because winterboard really slows down the iPod. A good way of modifying tweaks and themes is through the settings. You can hide winterboard so it’s only in the settings and that works well to.
There are many different programs you can jailbreak with. They all do the same thing except give a different boot logo instead of the apple logo. My favorite jailbreak is with greenpois0n. It does its job to jailbreak and it can jailbreak almost any iPod version. There is the spirit jailbreak which works good on the 3rd generations. And blackra1n works good on the older ones. There are two other jailbreaks I know of but they aren’t compatible with my iPod so I haven’t tried them. They are called redsn0w and sn0wbreeze. They are supposed to work good.
A major part of prejailbreaking is making sure your iPod is compatible. The iPod touch 2nd gen is a MC model and the MB model is the 3rd generation. You have to make sure you can use your firmware and model with the jailbreak or you could mess up your iPod. You have to make sure you have an iPod or iPhone to know which jailbreak you need to get. You need to also make sure if your jailbreaking an iPod or iPad. If you jailbreak an iPod with the iPhone jailbreak you could mess up your iPod into thinking it’s a phone. If you want your iPod to look like an iPhone you need to get the theme from Cydia.